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Promenade sous un ciel blanc (walk under a white sky). Triptych.
3 drawings, 60 x 50 cm each.
Three different points of view and three different moments of the accident. A  inematic eye is watching, it is using the shot / reverse shot technique, it sees the devastating effects on the shocked car . The Spectators ( eyewitnesses ? ) are having conversations in front of the scene. The color blue represents the rising smoke or the blue puddle that formed after the extinction of the fire. A red and blue line crosses the broken car first upside down and then right side up. In all of these elements that constitute an accident , both mundane and surreal, you may find the essence of drawing as a visible rhythm. What the “ timeimage “ of cinema shows us already exists in the strokes and coloured shadows found in a drawing. The fulgurous of accidents is visible in the strokes and lines that remain from a poetic testimony.

Arafat Saadalh. 2015.